I am Eglanel
My parents were amongst those who ventured over the Helcaräxe in the host of lady Galadriel, my mother being one of the maidens who served the lady.
After arriving back in Beleriand, they ventured with lord Finrod and lady Galadriel to Doriath, and in Menegroth, the thousand caves of Thingol and Melian, was I born.

My parents remained in Doriath, and entered the service of Thingol, serving him as best they could. It was in this service my father fell to his doom, serving as a marchwarden he was slain by a band of roving orc, my mother, stricken with grief, faded, and rests now with him in the halls of Mandos.

I grew up knowing joy, yet also knowing sorrow.

In time I entered the service of Thingol as a marchwarden too, just like my father before me. Yet, we failed to see the danger in our midst, and our king was slain by the naugrim crafters who he had employed.
The kingdom fell into ruin, and what few we were made our way to Ossiriand with our nandor friends, there to remain amongst them, and serve in what ways we could.

I took to roaming the forests alone, and soon the Laiquendi named me in their language Eglanel – the lonesome elf. I have carried this name ever since.

When the sundering of the world came, I removed to Eryn Galen alongside many of my Laiquendi friends, and for many years we lived there in peace with prince Oropher being named the leader of all eldar in the wood.

Over time, Eryd Galen changed, and today it is for the most part Taur-e-Ndaedelos, the forest of great fear, or Taur-nu-Fuin, Mirkwood. It is a sad twist that would have Eryd Galen share the fate of of the woods of Dorthonion, both corrupted by the presence of the most vile of the servants of Morgoth Bauglir.

I still roam the woods, I still lament the fate of so many of my people, all of them, Noldor, Sindar, Nandor and Laiquendi. Much I remember that is now gone, many a face, many a smile.
Many a tear.

I am Eglanel – the lonesome elf of Ossiriand, who knew the peace of Thingol, and knows the war of Sauron.
Ered Luin, The Shire...and now Bree Land
While Ered Luin was akin to an old friend, and a joy as ever to roam, I have to admit that the Shire was just... blegh.
The scenery is pretty, but all that running back and forth with pies and mail.... even the worst of slayer deeds is not this tedious.

No, I do not like those deeds, They should not be part of the basic requirements, just like the Sarnur deeds are not in Ered Luin.

Bree-Land is the next venture...
Bullroarer beta weekend
I have yet to truly dive into it, but I just launched a test on Bullroarer.

Will be interesting to see what an hour or two will get me.

Visit the gallereis to see the full image.
Given I am able to return to The Lord of the Rings Online, I decided I would set up a site to tell about my adventures.

As soon as the Mordor Expansion releases later this year, Eglanel will set out, first in the instanced intro, then the journey will take him from Ered Luin to Mordor - along the way I shall write here on the website, add images, screenshots, background and roleplay stories.

I hope you will take part in the journey!